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Andrea Olmsted is a responsible fashion consultant who has spent the last 15 years working with some of the most innovative fashion brands and organizations in the world. Since 2008 she has supported a regenerative and inclusive apparel industry through her voice as the former West Coast Regional Director for Fashion Revolution and cofounder of the Sustainable Fashion Alliance, an online collaborative platform to empower sustainable fashion professionals. She has also worked to support regional textile and apparel production systems, through various advisory roles for Fibershed, a non profit dedicated to developing regional fiber systems that build soil health, Good Clothing Co., a sustainable and small batch production facility in Massachusetts that supported the legalization of domestically-grown hemp, and Huston Textile Co., a veteran-owned textile mill known for their field-to-fabrics in California. Her network includes a roster of leading online and print publications, top journalists and industry thought-leaders. In addition to providing responsible apparel brands with PR strategies and media introductions, Olmsted is a freelance writer for Sourcing Journal reporting on the latest in fashion business and sustainable innovations.

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